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Emergence (1) selects Mansartis Gestion for its 19th Strategic Investment

The Émergence incubation and acceleration marketplace fund backed by 16 leading French institutional investors, has made its 19th investment by allocating € 50 million to Mansartis Gestion(2) , an expanding family-founded investment management company.

Émergence, the incubation and acceleration fund for entrepreneurial asset management companies in the Paris financial marketplace, and NewAlpha Asset Management, the SICAV’s delegated investment manager, have selected Mansartis’ European equities fund for the fourth investment made by the Émergence European equities sub-fund launched in June 2017 and currently closed to new investments.

Mansartis’ European equities fund targets a long-term performance over a 5-year recommended investment horizon through discretionary investment management in a universe of European large and mid-caps, selected for the quality of their growth.

The mainspring of the fund’s investment strategy is to identify the structural trends that drive sustainable growth for companies selected according to demanding quality criteria. This approach is diversified by tactical and opportunist bets on companies that enjoy value-creating special situations. The structured investment process applies quantitative screens and qualitative analysis to select a limited number of securities.

Nourane Charraire, at Mansartis Gestion since 2015, is the lead portfolio manager of the European equities strategy. She runs a six-strong portfolio management team with long experience in growth/quality investing (average of 12 years’ experience).

Mansartis Gestion is an entrepreneurial group founded as a family business with 35 years’ experience in asset management. In 2014, it embarked on a new expansion phase, strengthening resources and teams. Its development aims are ambitious, both on attracting new funds and expanding its client base among institutions (foundations, associations, employer/employee organisations, unions, etc.) and individual private investors. Today, Mansartis Gestion manages € 730 million for 400 clients and has 20 employees.

Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau, Chairman and CEO of Mansartis Gestion said: “The partnership with Émergence will accelerate our growth, particularly with institutional clients. Our European equities fund should quickly reach the critical threshold of € 100 million, opening up new development opportunities in France and internationally. Being chosen by Émergence, after an exhaustive due diligence process, is an endorsement of the high quality of our investment management, structured processes and capacity to develop.”

“With Mansartis, Émergence’s institutional investors saw an original approach in its “growth and quality” strategy and a solid track record of performance” said Antoine Rolland, Chairman of NewAlpha. He added, “Mansartis Gestion’s management has historically included an ethical dimension, enriched since 2018 by the application of ESG criteria. This process complements its active conviction-led management and goes hand-in-hand with transparency and an ability to tailor its investment management that is greatly appreciated by investors. ”

As in its previous investments in French entrepreneurial investment managers, the partnership between Émergence and Mansartis Gestion means investors in the Émergence SICAV can enjoy both the potential performance of the fund selected and a stake in the management firm's expansion through a profit-sharing mechanism.

Mansartis Gestion is the nineteenth company accelerated by Émergence through its three sub-funds dedicated to equities and absolute return. The investment managers picked and now partnered by Émergence have quadrupled their assets under management since the SICAV invested. Today, they manage € 8 billion in funds, more than 50% on behalf of international investors.

Émergence helps enhance the profile of French entrepreneurial managers and boosts the attractiveness of the Paris market as a competitive location for European asset managers.

Alain Leclair, Chairman of Émergence said “In selecting Mansartis Gestion, Émergence is recognising the expertise and special know-how of a family-structured investment manager in an accelerating phase of its development. We are delighted to have struck this partnership which will raise its profile and open up access to institutional investors. ”


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Published jointly by NewAlpha Asset Management, registered office 128, boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris, France, and the Émergence SICAV, registered office 28 place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris, France.

The content of this press release does not constitute an offer or solicitation to invest, nor investment advice nor a recommendation to make any specific investment.

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Mansartis Gestion was authorised as a portfolio management company by the AMF with no. GP90045 on 5 July 1990.

Data source: Bloomberg

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1 The Émergence SICAV sub-funds are not marketable outside of France and are closed to new investments.

2 Mansartis Gestion is authorised by the AMF with number GP90045

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