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Emerging Manager Day: discover the composition of the 2015 EMD Awards’Jury

NewAlpha announces the names of experts who met on December 7 to make the ranking for the 2015 EMD Awards.

The 2015 Emerging Manager Day will offer 12 'emerging' investment managers the opportunity to gain visibility in the professional investment community.

These managers are split in 4 categories (Equities, Balanced, Funds of funds, Absolute Return) and will pitch in 10 minutes maximum between 14:30 and 16:30 on Wednesday 9th December.

The professionals who attend this Fund Dating can vote in real time for these managers and reflect the opinion of a wider audience. This ranking will be consolidated with that of the jury to make the final podium in each category.

Jean-François Bay       Morningstar
Didier Le Menestrel     Financière de l'Echiquier
Saïd Djaba                   EGAMO
Alain Leclair                Emergence
Guillaume Angue         CM CIC Securities
Stéphane Fantuz         CNCIF
Sophie Bigeard            OFI AM
Philippe Paquet           NewAlpha AM

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