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Emerging Managers

As Europe’s leading specialist in emerging manager selection and investment, NewAlpha has signed over 70 strategic partnerships and invested over 1,3 billion euros in ‘early stage’ French and international investment management firms. Since 2012, NewAlpha invested a total of 750 million euros in some thirty entrepreneurial projects, demonstrating its activeness in the market. 

NewAlpha is established as an international reference in emerging manager seeding, and has received several awards, directly or through its affiliated managers.

Private equity

Located in Paris, a very dynamic and structured market with more than 4 000 flourishing digital and tech start-ups, NewAlpha has developed an unique approach to investing in French and international innovative companies, primarily in the FinTech sector.

New Alpha Asset Management

AMF Accreditation No. GP 05000001 (20 January 2005) (AMF)