General terms and conditions of use

1. Nature of the Site

This website is the portal site of the La Française Group and its member companies (hereinafter the “Group”), whose purpose is exclusively informative and is intended to present the various activities, businesses, expertise, products and services as well as the news of the Group (hereinafter the “Website”).

The information contained on the Site does not constitute an offer of products or services that could be considered as a public offer of financial securities, any kind of canvassing activity, investment advice, an investment or arbitration proposal or any kind of incentive to trade in the financial markets.

2. Applicable law and restrictions resulting from the various international legal orders

This Site and these general terms and conditions (hereinafter the “General Terms and Conditions”) are subject to French law and to the jurisdiction of the courts of Paris. However, to facilitate access, the Site and its General Conditions have been translated from French into several languages. It is specified that in the event of discrepancies in translation or interpretation between the different versions, the French version shall prevail over all others.

Persons who access, visit and/or use this Site and the information contained therein must ensure that the law of their own country authorises them to do so. If not, they must refrain from accessing, visiting and/or using the information contained on this Site.

3. Scope of the Site

The Site presents the various activities, businesses, expertise and news of the Group by referring to the websites of the various Group entities.

4. Choice of profile and consultation status

On this Site or one of the sites linked to an entity of the Group, you are asked to choose a consultation profile (institutions and companies, heritage professionals, private individuals). The purpose of this is to present you with the range of products and services that best correspond to the customer segment to which you state you belong.

In addition, in accordance with the European MiFID directive, each profile is assigned a professional or non-professional status, which it is your responsibility to check. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the information and documents that can be consulted are different depending on the professional or non-professional status declared.

In any case, the choice of these profiles and statuses is made under your responsibility. The Group cannot be held responsible for the use of information that does not correspond to your actual status.

5. Warning regarding the products and services presented on a linked site of the Group

You are reminded that the Site does not allow you to subscribe to or carry out any operation on the products and services presented.

Generally speaking, before any transaction, the client is invited to check the appropriateness of the transaction in relation to his financial, asset, tax and legal situation and in relation to his investment objectives. The client is also invited to seek advice from his usual contacts. In addition, the potential investor must have read the prospectus and, more generally, the regulatory documentation relating to the product, which is available on this website or a related website of the Group or at its offices.

6. Money laundering

Generally speaking, GROUPE LA FRANÇAISE draws the attention of visitors to the site to the fact that identification documentation will be required in accordance with anti-money laundering, terrorist financing and other applicable regulations.

7. Performance of financial products – Data on the Site

Past performance is not indicative of future performance and is not constant over time. Investment income may fluctuate. The price or value of the investments on which the reports are based, directly or indirectly, may go up or down in favour or against investors.

In addition, the data provided on the Site is provided for information purposes only. The Group shall not be liable for any direct or indirect liability arising from the use of any information contained on this Site.

8. Personal data protection and cookies

For more information on the collection and processing of personal data and our use of cookies, please refer to the Privacy and Cookie Policy.

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9. Intellectual property

The site (form and content), namely :
-all documents (texts, photographs, drawings, etc.) constituting or integrated into its pages,
-all distinctive signs (brand, photos, logos, etc.), is the exclusive property of the Group or, where applicable, for certain elements, the property of third parties having authorised the Group to use them for the site.

10. Responsibility of the Company

The Group uses its best efforts to ensure that the information available on the Site is accurate. The Group does not make any express or implied warranties regarding the content of the Site. In addition, the Group does not provide any guarantee as to the relevance, updating or completeness of the information published or its suitability for the needs of the Internet user.

The Group reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the content or presentation of the Site. However, the Group cannot guarantee that no third party will not modify the Site (intrusion, virus, etc.).

Furthermore, the Group declines all responsibility (direct or indirect) in particular in the event of delay, error or omission with regard to the content of these pages and the use that could be made of them by anyone, as well as in the event of interruption or unavailability of the service.

In any event, the Group shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the Site and in particular from the use of this information. The information contained on the Site may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, disseminated or distributed to third parties without the Group’s prior written consent.