Venture Capital

NewAlpha AM has been offering professional investors the opportunity to benefit from the growth and strategic innovation of the European Fintech sector through its early stage venture capital funds since 2015.

Our expertise and specializations have enabled us to build up one of the largest fintech portfolios in France and to benefit from a recognized position within the European Fintech ecosystem.

Resolutely committed to sustainability issues, we have specialized in unlisted entrepreneurial companies that leverage technology applied to the financial industry to catalyze actions towards economic ethics, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility without compromising medium-term profitability.


    European fintech companies committed to sustainability goals, innovative in their technology or business model, offering products or services directly related to ongoing environmental, societal, and technological transition challenges


    Over 23 investments since 2016, with numerous successful exits involving major international players.
    A significant international presence: 28% of our investments and 50% of our Deal Flow.


    Our PortCos are part of a voluntary approach to ESG progression based on a structured proprietary framework tailored to the Early Stage, aimed at anticipating the expectations of an increasingly demanding market in this regard.


> Regulatory dynamics, the diversity of European markets, as well as the positive pressure from consumers and investors regarding sustainability, contribute to creating an ecosystem conducive to financial innovations that develop creative solutions to address societal and environmental challenges.

> In this context, the financial industry plays a pivotal role due to its economic weight and potential influence. It has the ability to steer our entire economic fabric towards responsible, ethical, and sustainable initiatives, particularly in financial practices.

> Sustainable Fintech represents one of the major Mega Trends in France and Europe, with France already ranking 3rd in Europe in this sector behind the UK and Germany.

We invest in early-stage French and European Sustainable Fintech ventures to benefit from their growth and to concretely contribute to an innovative and sustainable economy by catalyzing the transformation of the financial sector.


> Our Fintech team has accumulated significant experience in the European Fintech sector and has a clear vision of the investment strategy to be successfully deployed over the next few years.

> Its recognized expertise allows it to access proprietary early-stage investments while optimizing risk assessment.

> A strong track record for our first two vintages based on 23 investments since 2016 and numerous exits with major international players.

> A significant international presence: 28% of our investments and 50% of our Deal Flow.

> A committed, differentiating, and structuring ESG approach aimed at shaping best ESG practices from the first significant financing.



  • Innovative Fintech companies that offer products or services directly related to the ongoing environmental, societal, and technological transition challenges

  • Companies headquartered or primarily operating in Europe

  • Investment in Late Seed and Series A rounds

  • Initial ticket between 1.5 and 5 m€
    with significant follow-up capacity

  • Active minority shareholder position alongside management

  • Commitment to an ambitious ESG progression initiative to anticipate the market's future sustainability requirements

  • 1 300+

    Fintech analyzed

  • 3 to 5

    investments per year

  • 50%

    of our deal flow is international