In order to offer its clients investments with little or no correlation to traditional markets, New Alpha composes robust portfolios in many market configurations with absolute return funds.


New Alpha’s expertise in absolute return strategies

Thanks to its extensive experience and historical presence in this sector, New Alpha offers its clients privileged access to differentiated and high-quality managers.

The so-called “Absolute Return” strategies aim at a regular and positive performance over the long term while limiting the volatility of investments.


Privileged access to the most promising funds

However, accessing absolute return funds can be a challenge for investors due to the complexity of the strategies implemented and the limited capacity offered by the most talented managers.

Thanks to its resources and experience, New Alpha enables its clients to approach this very rich opportunity sector with the objective of building portfolios that are decorrelated from market risks.


New Alpha’s offer

New Alpha is skilled in all alternative investment techniques thanks to the accumulated experience and the diversity of its analysts’ profiles. Quantitative engineers also support the portfolio managers and analysis teams.

New Alpha implements several investment approaches in the field of Absolute Return strategies:

  • Diversified multi-manager portfolios of absolute return funds
  • Concentrated portfolios of funds with an incubation or acceleration objective for selected management companies

According to the terms of its investment mandates, New Alpha seeks to obtain preferential investment conditions for its clients.

New Alpha's expertise in Absolute Return Multi-Management is characterized by:

  • Ability to provide bespoke solutions to institutional clients at a reasonable cost

    Since 2009, New Alpha has been developing and managing investments for institutional clients with demanding requirements.
    New Alpha, depending on the terms of the contractual relationship, may seek to obtain preferential investment terms.

  • Cumulated experience in manager research and portfolio construction

    Representing the core of its activity since its creation, New Alpha welcomes highly qualified professionals with proven experience in portfolio management. With teams dedicated to the analysis of hedge funds and liquid alternative funds, New Alpha has the skills required to build decorrelated and diversified portfolios.

  • Global sourcing and a proven ability to discover innovative alpha sources

    With its well-established global network, New Alpha is able to offer its clients investment opportunities with funds specialized in absolute return strategies. Using proprietary digital tools, New Alpha has the technical capabilities to identify managers generating original alphas.

  • Digital tools for a well-defined and rigorously implemented process

    New Alpha develops digital tools to help its portfolio selector and manager functions. These tools aim at:
    - Collect and store data from selected managers to analyze them in a collaborative mode.
    - Perform quantitative analysis, monitor the performance of selected funds, perform factor analysis, perform backtesting and store quantitative fund selection and allocation strategies.

New Alpha offers this expertise in different forms:

  • Dedicated fund of funds

  • Portfolio management services

  • Advisory services including manager identification, analysis, due diligence, portfolio construction and monitoring

Extra-financial criteria are considered at two levels: selection of investment management companies and selection of funds.

  • 90%

    of the funds identified are internationally based

  • 12+

    investment programs managed or advised

  • $2.1 billion

    in assets as of end December 2023