NewAlpha has developed multi-management expertise in private debt to support its clients in one of the most attractive segments of alternative investments. New Alpha's approach meets today's challenges in terms of responsible investment.


A solution close to the real economy

Companies wishing to finance projects are increasingly turning to the private debt market, which is more responsive and often less expensive than using banks.

This type of financing directly connects an investor and a company. Investors are thus in direct contact with the financed companies and their projects, reinforcing the link with the real economy.


The benefits of investing in private debt

Private debt investors benefit from enhanced protection of their invested capital thanks to special collateral and clauses, and to the proximity created with the companies.

Private debt also offers purely financial advantages to investors. It is a well-established asset class, uncorrelated with economic cycles and offering stable and relatively predictable returns over the long term.


A solution adaptable to each investor’s preferences

Thanks to its expertise in fund identification and selection, New Alpha offers its clients the possibility to build portfolios of private debt funds, thus providing broad diversification in many dimensions.

In line with its tailor-made approach, New Alpha designs portfolios of private debt funds to meet its clients’ specific investment objectives and constraints.

New Alpha’s ability to build portfolios adapted to each client typology is based on a very advanced core-satellite approach. This consists in building a core of high quality funds and adding diversifying or dynamic strategies to the client’s portfolio.


ESG at the center of the investment process

In response to the growing interest in responsible investing, New Alpha, with the help of its team of ESG experts, is able to build sustainable private debt funds of funds.

  • Access to a wide range of credit strategies across the liquidity spectrum
  • Global sourcing capability with a particular focus on Europe
  • Customized construction of Private Debt portfolios
  • ESG integration at every stage of the selection and allocation process

New Alpha’s Private Debt expertise is available in the form of customized advisory services.

In addition to assisting clients in identifying and selecting private debt funds, New Alpha offers due diligence services, providing clients with the experience and capacity of a large team.

New Alpha’s expertise in Private Debt Multi-Management is characterized by:

  • Responsible approach

    ESG considerations are fully integrated into the investment process thanks to an exclusive double scoring applied to the funds considered and to the management companies.

  • A core-satellite approach to the asset class

    A focus on loans secured by senior debt, complemented by a wide variety of financing structures and special situations secured by high quality collateral.

  • Extensive manager analysis

    Our teams of experts, who cumulate decades of experience, perform both investment and operational due diligence to ensure that the managers under review represent attractive opportunities for our clients.

  • Investment management customized to any investor profile

    New Alpha performs in-depth analysis of the strategies of private debt funds under consideration for investment. Combined with a permanent monitoring of the market environment, this work allows us to build private debt fund portfolios adapted to the objectives and constraints of professional investors.

New Alpha offers this expertise in different forms:

  • Dedicated fund of funds

  • Portfolio management services

  • Advisory services including manager identification, analysis, due diligence, portfolio construction and monitoring

Extra-financial criteria are considered at two levels: selection of investment management companies and selection of funds. This ESG dimension is applied with the aim of raising awareness and progress in the medium term.

  • 15 +

    average years of experience

  • 50 +

    managers met each year

  • $290 million

    in assets as of end December 2023