Emergence techs for good made eligible for the Tibi initiative to finance the 4th industrial revolution

This qualification allows institutional investors involved in the Tibi initiative to diversify their Tech allocation by accessing smaller and newer funds while implementing an ambitious responsible approach.

Paris, 2 December , 2022 – Emergence and NewAlpha Asset Management, the fund’s delegated manager, announce that the Emergence Techs for Good [1] fund has been made eligible for investment by the technical committee of the 23 institutional investors involved in the Tibi initiative ‘Financing the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Emergence techs for good is a multi-manager investment vehicle managed by NewAlpha Asset Management that offers institutional investors diversification of their technology equity allocations and access to the outperformance potential of French-based entrepreneurial asset management companies.

This 5th sub-fund of the Emergence fund is in line with the guidelines recommended in the report from Philippe Tibi [2] to invite French institutional investors to devote a larger share of their allocations to the development of global tech funds, allowing the structuring in France of a leading expertise in the financing of technology companies.

With two additional allocations in progress, the portfolio presents a diversified profile in terms of themes, geographical exposure, and market capitalization.

Investments made by Emergence Techs for Good over a 4-year period support the development of technology funds of French entrepreneurial asset management companies. To be selected, asset management companies must have teams of experienced analysts and managers in this segment and have a sustainable development approach that places the search for social and environmental impact at the heart of their investment strategies.

Launched in April 2022, Emergence Techs for Good raised €100 million from French institutional investors. Emergence and NewAlpha now aim to raise an additional €200 million, which can be invested in the funds already selected and other attractive vehicles qualified to the Tibi initiative.

In line with the SICAV’s mission, Emergence Techs for Good enables institutional investors to have a positive impact on the development of the ecosystem of listed tech funds in France.


[1] “Financing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Lifting the lock on funding for technology companies.”, Philippe Tibi’s July 2019 report

[2] Launched in April 2022, Emergence techs for good is a specialized professional fund (SPF) closed to all subscriptions.



The Emergence Sicav is the Paris financial centre’s leading acceleration fund. Its goal is to accelerate the most promising and innovative young entrepreneurial asset management companies based in or with locations in France and to entrust them with capital to manage, thus helping them to grow and expand internationally. Emergence invests for a period of at least four years in one of their chosen funds to help it grow to exceed €100 million in AUM and to remove institutional and regulatory constraints (investment ratios). Since its creation in early 2012, the Emergence Sicav has committed to 23 management companies to accelerate 27 funds via its four sub-funds managed by New Alpha Asset Management: Performance Absolue (€307 million), Actions I (€200 million), Actions II (€320 million), Europe (€221 million), Techs for Good (€100 million). Emergence brings together 16 major institutional investors who work together as real acceleration partners for these high-potential entrepreneurial asset management companies. By launching Emergence, the French asset management industry, number one in continental Europe by AUM (€4,802 billion at end-2021) and recognised for its expertise, its capacity for innovation and its entrepreneurial momentum, has equipped itself with an innovative model that associates institutional investors with a fund that will increase the appeal of the Paris financial centre among European competitors as a hub for asset management activities. https://www. emergence- incubation.com



NewAlpha Asset Management is an asset management company specialised in finding, investing in and supporting fast-growing entrepreneurial companies. NewAlpha provides investment solutions via two types of activity – multimanagement and private equity – for its French and international institutional investors. Through its first business line, NewAlpha has been analysing, selecting and supporting innovative investment funds all over the world for 12 years, NewAlpha has carried out more than 100 strategic investments and invested nearly €2.5 billion in asset management companies in France and abroad. Since 2012, NewAlpha has been the delegated manager of the Emergence Sicav, the Paris financial centre’s leading acceleration fund for French entrepreneurial management companies. NewAlpha provided management and advisory services for €2.8 billion in assets as at 30 June 2022. NewAlpha Asset Management is a subsidiary of La Française and is subject to the regulations of the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF – Autorité des Marchés Financiers). La Française is controlled by Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe.



This press release is intended for French professional investors only, within the meaning of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. It is published jointly by New Alpha Asset Management, whose registered office is located at 128, boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris, France, and the Emergence Sicav, whose registered office is located at 28 place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris, France. The information contained herein shall not under any circumstances be interpreted as an offer or invitation to invest, investment advisory or a recommendation for specific investments. New Alpha Asset Management is a portfolio management company authorised by the AMF under number GP05000001 as of 20 January 2005. References to prior rankings and awards are no guarantee of future rankings or awards. Depending on the date this document was drafted, the information herein may no longer be current.


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