New Alpha offers investment advisory services in external funds: identification and analysis, investment and operational due diligence, portfolio construction and management.


New Alpha’s capabilities

Managing institutional portfolios requires specialized people and tools coupled with extensive experience.

NewAlpha’s specialized teams have the resources and tools to analyze and monitor investment funds from the point of view of portfolio management, operations and other essential functions, such as information systems, internal control processes, etc. ….


Fund audit and due diligence reports

To this end, NewAlpha conducts an in-depth analysis of the management companies and funds under consideration and delivers its opinion in due diligence reports.

The purpose of the investment due diligence reports (IDD) is to study the fund’s strategy, performance and decision-making processes. These analyses aim to assess the fund’s ability to replicate its past performance in the future.

Numerous measures of absolute and relative performance and risk are also analyzed, such as the fund’s volatility, the manager’s ability to manage crisis periods, etc.

Operational due diligence reports (ODD) are also conducted to confirm that the funds under consideration have a robust and compliant infrastructure and that they do not represent unwanted risks.


New Alpha helps its clients in their decision making process

Based on these reports, New Alpha has all the necessary elements to make the best investment decisions on behalf of its clients.

The design of such reports represents a significant workload. New Alpha therefore offers its services to investors who wish to be relieved of the task of producing them.

New Alpha Asset Management's consulting expertise is characterized by:

  • Manager search

    Located in Paris, New Alpha has developed a global coverage of investment managers. The company also covers a wide spectrum of investment strategies and asset classes. This deep industry knowledge is maintained through regular contacts made by New Alpha's analysts and the presence of its teams at industry conferences and events. To support efficiently the research teams, New Alpha has access to specialized databases and developed internal tools dedicated to quantitative analysis.

  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence : As part of its portfolio management activity, New Alpha regularly performs audit reports: investment due diligence, operational due diligence, sanity check... Competent in their drafting, New Alpha can provide its services in order to perform them at the request of its clients. New Alpha can also support its clients in their decision making process with advanced quantitative analysis and the study of the conditions necessary for recertification processes.

  • Portfolio management

    New Alpha, as an investment management company with more than 15 years of experience, can assist its clients in their investment decisions by providing advice on asset allocation and risk monitoring and management. Investors can also outsource the management of their assets to New Alpha through investment management mandates or the creation of dedicated funds.

  • Investor reporting

    New Alpha provides its investor clients with comprehensive and customizable financial, non-financial, risk and quantitative reports.

New Alpha offers these different services in three areas of expertise:

  • Public Equity

  • Absolute Return

  • Private Debt

Extra-financial criteria are considered at two levels: selection of investment management companies and selection of funds.

  • 800+

    managers met each year

  • 3000+

    funds identified and registered in an exclusive database

  • 400+

    complete due diligences carried out in the last 10 years