Regulatory information

The European Directive on “Markets in Financial Instruments” (known as MiFID or MiFID Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) sets out a global regulatory framework for the execution of orders intended to allow competition in Europe between the various trading venues: regulated markets, multilateral trading systems and execution of orders by investment service providers, in particular by systematic internalisation, that is to say by the interposition of the PSI between its customers buying and selling a financial instrument, thus managing an “internal” market for the service provider.


This MiFID directive therefore aims to:

-establish competition between places of execution of orders;
-harmonize the conditions for offering investment services;
-facilitate the exercise of the European passport for service providers.


It concerns financial instruments and defines the new obligations in terms of:

-rules of conduct and best execution;
-rules for the evaluation and information of investor clients;
-respect for market integrity, transaction reporting and record keeping;
-organizational principles to be observed to avoid conflicts of interest;
-post-negotiation transparency.


La Française makes its Best Selection and Conflict of Interest Management policies available to its customers, which meet these regulatory obligations.

NewAlpha Asset Management Selection policy for financial intermediaries

-To consult the order execution and selection policy for financial intermediaries of NewAlpha Asset Management or its entities,click here.

Conflict of interest management policy

The conflict of interest management policy of NewAlpha Asset Management and its entities is available:click here.

Processing policy for information requests or customer complaints

The policy for processing NewAlpha Asset Management customer information requests or complaints is available:click here.

Distribution policy for reporting sheets

NewAlpha Asset Management recommends that customers wishing to subscribe to these products approach their usual contact, in order to ensure that they are suitable and meet their expectations.

It is reminded that any subscription must be based on legal documents (prospectus or information notice of the Fund, information note and statutes, information notice and regulations, quarterly bulletins, annual reports). The documents are available on request from each management company, on their website or from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). The tax treatment depends on the individual situation of each client and this is subject to change later.


Distributor compensation

In accordance with article 314-76 of the AMF general regulations, the client may receive, on request from him, details of the remuneration relating to the marketing of the product from his adviser.


Subscription processing methods – Dodd Frank Act, what impact for you?

Dodd Franck Act – impacts for customers in the context of the subscription in vehicles of French Management Companies of the La Française Company.

Prospects / customers / Distributor partners are informed that the products presented on this site can only be offered in jurisdictions, countries or states in which their marketing and promotion are authorized.

In this regard, the “Dodd Franck” law which entered into force imposes on management companies, as on all other players in the French market, specific restrictions or obligations regarding the marketing and promotion of its products.

More specifically, LF REM can no longer market its shares in SCPI to partners and clients who, by virtue of their place of residence, are governed by the laws of the United States of America.

LF REM is therefore unable to register subscriptions from customers who fall into this category in the SCPI registers.

For the other investment vehicles managed by the management companies of the La Française Company, it is advisable to inquire with your adviser to identify according to your fiscal status falling or not falling under the legislation of the United States of America if this vehicle is open to you for subscription.

Definition of ‘US persons’: click here


Policy of exclusion of controversial weapons, what impact on investment strategies?

Presentation of the controversial arms exclusion policy NewAlpha Asset Management: click here.

Responsible Investment Charter

To consult the NewAlpha Asset Management Responsible Investment charter, click here

Voting rights policy/Remuneration policy

To view NewAlpha Asset Management’s compensation policy, click here.


Intermediation fees report

In accordance with the regulatory obligations listed in articles 321-122 and 319-19 of the General Regulations of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, La Française Asset Management provides its holders with its report on intermediation costs:click here.

Order execution policy on financial instruments

To access the order execution policy on financial instruments: click here.

Selection and evaluation procedure for financial intermediaries

To access the selection and evaluation procedure for financial intermediaries: click here. To consult the best execution, best selection reporting: click here

New Alpha Asset Management

Simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 2,483,720 euros – RCS Paris 450,500,012 – VAT number: FR 184,50500012
Creation date: 21/10/2003
Approval: GP-05000001, 20/01/2005

AMF approval can be viewed here:

Selection policy for intermediaries:

Conflict of interest management policy:


Policy of exclusion of controversial weapons: Compensation policy:


Complaint handling policy: